Machines & Systems for the Waste to Energy & Recycling Industry

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Solutions From eFACTOR3

eFACTOR3, LLC, headquartered in Charlotte North Carolina, brings together a keen understanding of environmental, engineering and equipment issues (hence the name).

A Turn-key Supplier

eFACTOR3 offers a large variety of pre-shredding, screening, sifting, shredding, cleaning, granulating and extrusion equipment along with conveying and separation equipment, systems integration and installation.

Whatever you intend to recycle or turn into an alternative fuel eFACTOR3 can provide a custom solution to meet your needs. This includes post industrial waste, C&D waste, MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), post consumer waste, paper and cardboard, Paper Sludge, wood, carpet, packaging film, agriculture film, plastic or Biomass. With our roster of quality manufacturers, you’ll get the best solution to meet the challenges of your unique environment.

MAS Receives FDA No Objection Letter for Recycled Plastics


MAS process produces post-consumer recycling material fit for use in packaging for the food industry. Learn More

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You can download a brochure that summarizes our offerings for your offline use.

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Give us a call at 1-877-801-3232 to learn how we can provide solutions to your shredding, granulating, recycling, conveying, screening or separation needs.

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eFACTOR3 can provide you with a custom tailored waste to energy and recycling solution.

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