Machines & Systems for the Waste to Energy & Recycling Industry

Pre-Shredding Equipment Brochures (PDF)

Complete Product Line(PDF)


Mobile Systems Brochures (PDF)

M&J 1000M
M&J 4000M
M&J 6000M
M&J Eta PreShred Mobile Brochure
M&J Eta PreShred Mobile Models & Output

Stationary Systems Brochures (PDF)

M&J 1000S
M&J 2000S
M&J 4000S
M&J 6000S
M&J Eta PreShred Stationary Brochure
M&J Eta PreShred Stationary Models & Output

Conveying Equipment Brochures (PDF)

Westeria Foerdertechnik Products
Westeria Airbasic Brochure
Westeria Chain Belt Conveyor Brochure
Westeria Full Range Product Brochure

Granulating Equipment Brochures (PDF)

Weima Waste to Energy

Plastic Cleaning Equipment Brochures (PDF)

Compact Plastic Recovery
Engineering Benefits of Dry Reprocessing – Compact System as One-Stop Solution
MAS DRD – Efficient drying & cleaning of plastics

Plastic Extrusion Equipment Brochures (PDF)

Onestep Extrusion System
PET Extrusion
Compact Plastics Recovery
CDF Overview
MAS Extruder Overview
MAS Extruder – Conical co-rotating
MAS 24 – Laboratory Extruder
MAS-Cascade – Recycling and Compounding
MAS Extruder – The right answer for every PET application
MAS CDF – Filtration of the highest caliber

Shredding Equipment Brochures (PDF)

M&J FineShred Single Shaft Products
M&J FineShred Double Shaft Products

Wind Sifting Equipment Brochures (PDF)

WESTERIA Foerdertechnik Products
Westeria Full Range Product Brochure

Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaner(PDF)

MAS Periphery – Established & reliable

Spaleck Product Line(PDF)

Conveying and Separation Technology
3D Combi-Flip-Flow Screen
Potential Recyclable Screen
Flip Flow Screen Elastica
Recycling Waste Screen
Spaleck Screening Technology

Bramidan Balers

Bramidan B5w
Bramidan X25 Product Line HydroPower Washing Outstanding Cleaning without water High Spin Dryers for Excellent Performance on Thin Film. Focus on Precision

Pallmann Product Line

Double Shaft Shredder – LION
Single Shaft Shredder – TIGER
PALLMANN – Preparation of Rubber – Catalogue
Agglomeration of Plastics
Granulating of Plastics
Pulverizing of Plastics
Preparation of Plastics

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