Plant Based Pre-Shredding for the Waste to Energy and Recycling Industry

Plant Based Pre-Shredder Equipment

Metso Denmark (formerly known as M&J) is crushingly reliable when it comes to the supply of mobile shredding equipment. M&J Shredders, manufactured by Metso Denmark, offer a unique, patented cutting-table and knife designs that has made the company a leading producer of primary shredders for recycling and incineration plants, transfer stations, landfills and RDF and chemical waste production. M&J Shredders can be found in over 500 installations around the globe.

Plant based shredding equipment from Metso Shredders

Metso Shredders are available in 4 different sizes which are all supplied with a powerful and proven electrically-driven power pack with selected quality hydraulic components. All 4 series are based on patented technology and use hydraulic operation, open cutting tables and large, aggressive knives. Made for heavy-duty use!

Metso 1000S

The M&J 1000S is a stationary shredder with two powerful shafts that run asynchronously and in both directions. The interaction between these two shafts moves the input material around, avoiding bridging and ensuring maximum throughput.

It is the smallest design in our range, with a capacity of 8–50 tons/hour depending on input, the number of knives specified for the cutting table, and the feed set-up. The modular design makes it easy to adapt M&J 1000S shredders to meet specific operating requirements in new and existing plants. The combination of relatively small size and highly robust efficiency makes this shredder very versatile. This means you can use it for shredding an unusually wide range of inputs, even though it is designed for stationary installation.

Metso 2000S

The M&J 2000S is a single-shaft stationary shredder that features PLC controlled automatic reversal and shredding in both directions. This innovative feature prevents material wrapping around the shaft, helping eliminate bridging issues and preventing breakdowns. This machine uses the same main components and shredding power as its big brother the 4000-S.

An open cutting table and a shredding zone that is both long and wide make this mid-size model ideal for processing inputs such as MSW, bulky waste, industrial waste, C&D Waste etc. Depending on the type of waste the cutting table specified and the feed set-up, throughputs of 5–70 tons/hour are within easy reach.

Metso 4000S

The M&J 4000S stationary shredder is designed to meet the special needs of plants in which the incoming material is extremely varied in both size and composition, and may also contain unpredictable components. The combination of a large cutting table and a twin-shaft shedding system makes it possible to shred almost any kind of material and that there are no problems with bridging.

The two extremely powerful shafts run asynchronously and in both directions. The power is transmitted via a double hydrostatic transmission that makes sure the machine provides full power right from startup, and takes full advantage of all the power for shredding. Depending on the machine configuration capacities of 10-100 Tons/hours are achievable.

Metso 6000S

The M&J 6000S is one of the largest stationary shredders currently available in the world. This giant shredder is equipped with two 4 meter long shafts and an exceptionally large shredding zone that is approximately 7 m3 m in size. Together, these features make this top-size unit ideal for shredding unusually bulky or very heavy inputs in large volumes.

Depending on the machine configuration and the waste material capacities of 20-200 Tons/hours are achievable.

Why choose Metso?

Metso’s unique, patented shredding technology is based on a number of powerful and efficient principles that offer undeniable user benefits:

  • Open cutting table means Larger shredding capacity and Less wear
  • Shredding in both rotational directions means better shredding performance, larger shredding capacity, less wear and reduced risk of bridge building in the cutting table
  • Large, aggressive knives means Larger shredding capacity and a pusher device is not required
  • Large shredding zone means efficient shredding of large, voluminous items and reduced risk of bridge building in the cutting table
  • Hydrostatic drive means very reliable performance under heavy loads and allow high shredding power at low rotational speeds
  • PLC-controlled operation means service-friendly and flexible system with many options as well as safe monitoring of many points
  • Mobile configurations are also available with most models

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