Screening Technologies For Waste to Energy and Recycling

Screening Equipment

Whether it be recycling, the chemical industry, food processing, metallurgy (mining), construction works or non-metallic mineral processing; the SPALECK conveying and separating technology is to be found in each and every area.

Recyclable material screen

The proven screening solution for recyclable materials. The SPALECK recyclable material screen is a circular vibrating screen driven by an AC motor. The impact area has a solid surface, which ensures good material flow, increases the service life of the screen panels and avoids blockages.

Vibrating Separators

SPALECK offers conveyors and hoppers that discharge at medium to high throughput rates.

  • Compact and designed for continuous operation.
  • Optimal vibration isolation through the use of highly elastic spring elements.
  • Shift from 0 ° to 8 ° inclination.
  • Low cleaning and maintenance time due to one-piece trough design.
  • The latest drive technology and maintenance-free silent vibrators with variable axle load.
  • Special linings for abrasion, cutting or handling sticky materials are available.
  • Available as a closed or sealed pressure system with multi-part covers available.
Density separators

SPALECK density separators are linear vibrating machines driven by two unbalance motors. Density separators separate materials on the basis of their kinetic energy (ballistic trajectory) and differences in grain shape. Heavy and cuboidal materials fall downward on the slanted plates due to gravity. However light and flat mate-rials are fed upward on the slanted plates. The combination of the inclination of the slanted plates, the adjustment of the vibration parameters and ballistic trajectory of the material can be used to achieve high quality separation.The density separators can be closed or open, and the slant tables can be surface treated.

Resonance conveyor

The SPALECK resonance conveyor has unbalance motors or unbalance exciters. Resonance conveyors are systems that vibrate two weights, producing a small vibration that is transmitted to cause a large oscillation of the feed trough (the resonator). Fixed, dynamic thrust springs are used to direct vibrations.

The feed output can be adjusted for the application using a frequency convertor. Dynamic thrust springs compensate for the vibrations that are generated, and the “microthrow principle” improves transport. Resonance conveyors can be closed or open, they can be surface treated, and they can be equipped with additional components.

Screening Also Available for:
  • Coarse Screening/Pre-Screening
  • Grading Screening
  • Shredder Light Fraction
  • Biomass Screening
  • Special Applications
  • Fine Screening
  • Slag
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