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Metso FineShred series


Based on a unique cutting technology Metso FineShredders process pre-shredded, sorted waste and are a vital tool for industries requiring consistent homogeneous waste streams.

We offer a complete line of products for this challenging application. Most lines start with an Metso Pre-shredder followed by a screening and separation process that includes the WESTERIA Wind sifter as well as other components. For the final fuel sizing we offer the Metso FineShred series. These single and twin shaft shredders have been developed specifically for the production of alternate fuel from waste:

The Metso FineShred units can be used in a wide range of different applications including difficult materials. Particle sizes of 10-100 mm are obtainable depending on the screen size applied.

Key benefits


The patented shaft can be fitted with a number of different cutting tools. Knife blocks are positioned firmly in the shaft utilizing a unique self centering, distortion- and tilting safe assembly. In the FineShred the shaft are positioned in a way that secures a correct feeding via the pusher. Along with the geometry of the 12-edged shaft, which minimizes the risk of materials winding up, this secures no heat development in the machine.

Knives are available in different designs depending on the demands from different applications. The positioning of the counter knives in relation to the rotating knives result in a “clean cut” minimizing dust emissions. Easy adjustment of the cutting clearance is secured by help of notches.


Due to the precise cutting of the material the strain on the screens is minimal and the design can therefore be made in very thin materials. Typically screens can be made in 3 – 6 mm plates. As there is not pressure on the screen the open area can be optimized and secure a high output rate. Discharge of the granules can be executed either using screw conveyors or belt conveyors.

The hydraulic system consists of a variable pump with power control, an integrated feed pump and a hydraulic motor mounted on each shaft. All together a “state of the art” doubles hydrostatic system, providing the maximum output and the most reliable performance available.


Key benefits:
• Homogeneous output
• Horizontal pusher interlinked with shaft
• Minimal fine particles
• Minimal dust emissions
• No heat generation
• Easy maintenance

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