Wind Sifting Technologies For Waste to Energy and Recycling

Wind Sifting Equipment

Westeria F√łerdertechnik GmbH is a German Manufacture of conveying and wind sifting technology that has been specifically designed for the Waste to Energy and Recycling Industry. The patented wind-sifting solution from Westeria – the technological leader allows the separation of the heavy fraction (contaminates) from the light fraction (High BTU Material) in one easy step.

Typically these machines are installed in Waste to Energy Applications after a Pre-Shredding, screening and ferrous Metal Removal step to separate the high BTU value material from contaminates like Rock, Gravel, Non ferrous material etc. Westeria Windsifting equipment can be found in over 500 installations worldwide. The unique design allows for a very compact machine with low energy consumptions.

The patented Westeria windsifter technology essentially consists of 3 basic components: The conveyor belt, the nozzle, and the rotation drum. The input material is preferably spread in a single layer across the entire width of the conveyor belt. The material is then transported at an adjusted speed up to the discharge edge. An adjustable nozzle produces an upward stream of air on the discharge edge.

The air stream gathers on the upper area of the rotation drum and is guided into the expansion room with the laminar flow. The material meets the stream of air and is separated into light and heavy material.

The light material reaches the expansion room via the rotating drum. Here the speed of the air is radically reduced and the light materials trickle onto a container or land on a discharge conveyor. The heavy materials fall downward into a container or onto a discharge conveyor before reaching the rotation drum.

The volume of air introduced in the expansion room is extracted in the upper area and sucked back in via the fan or guided into a filter system depending on the type of application. In order to obtain high-grade recycling materials Westeria has designed a special windsifter that is used to sort the input material into 3 fractions at a high degree of separation efficiency.

The design of the Westeria wind sifter allows easy adaption to any material stream with just a few adjustments. With an optional automated adjustment package you will be able to save varies different programs to process different material streams with an optimized result at any time!

Westeria offers stationary, semi-mobile and mobile configurations of the Windsifter in many different sizes. They are used in different fields of applications like:

  • MSW
  • C&D
  • Post Industrial Waste
  • Composting Sites
  • RDF Production

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WESTERIA Foerdertechnik Products

Windsifter WS2


The WS2 is the best seller amongst the stationary windsifter models from Westeria. 25 years of constructive development history packed into a new, appealing product design, qualifies this ‘compact system’ as the top of the range on the market. All the relevant sections are easily and individually adjustable with ideal accessibility of the maintenance elements at the same time.

The WS2 is the only windsifter on the market with a working width of 3000 mm. Nonetheless, Westeria’s engineers and technicians succeeded in realizing an extremely compact construction.

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Windsifter Airbasic


The Windsifter Airbasic is part of the latest generation of mobile windsifter technology from Westeria. It is the result of the innovative continuous development of the patented Westeria windsifter technology that provides superior separation and contaminant removal. Hundreds of improved details and new ideas have resulted in a persuasive next step in mobile windsifter technology.

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Westeria Full Range Product Brochure