Waste Recycling Equipment

Waste Recycling

From shredding to separation, we offer a very flexible line of equipment designed to handle even the toughest waste industry applications:

  • Landfill, Transfer Station
  • MSW
  • Bulky Waste
  • Post Industrial Waste
  • C&D (Construction and Demolition)
  • MRF

Our M&J and Westeria Product lines of shredding equipment not only help extend the life of a landfill due to the better compaction of waste material. You can also recycle a higher volume by pre-shredding waste in a transfer station or MRF. This ensures that even the bulkiest of items get broken down, and allow you to add more payloads to your trailer in the transfer station.

Our shredding solutions also generate a better segregation of material by using pre-shredding and wind sifting to separate waste into heavy, medium, or light classes of material. And by shredding the waste before it is baled, you can increase bale weight.

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eFACTOR3 can provide you with a custom tailored waste to energy and recycling solution.

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