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Wear Parts for Shredders and Granulators

At eFACTOR3 we have researched the market to find the best cutting tools for your shredding and granulating equipment and we can offer you a broad range of cutting tools for your shredder and granulator that are specifically designed for your application.

Examples of worn cutters.

Whether you are looking for standard cutting tools or high wear resistant quality cutters for challenging applications in the Post consumer Recycling industry we can offer a solution.

A shredder or granulator will only perform as good as the cutters/blades used! Worn cutters on a shredder or granulator will cause extraordinary wear on the equipment, lower the capacity and require maintenance.

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Increase your productivity with the superior quality of eFACTOR3 cutters.

We are excited to introduce our new adaptive blade system. These blades have a life span of up to five times longer than standard OEM blades. By using different tempering methods, unique alloys and a variety of surface enhancements and coatings, we can design blades for your unique requirements. Not only does this increase the life of the blade but it also increases productivity significantly since blade changes are happening less frequently. Longer life, increased efficiency and totally customizable this are the main features of the eFACTOR3 Blade systems? It doesn’t get any better than that!

The adaptive eFACTOR3 blade system enables us to customize shredder and granulator tools. Various tempering methods, surface enhancements, coatings and the use of different alloys allow us to offer an endless range of cutting technologies for every application. Intensive research and development combined with decades of experience in the recycling of wood, plastic and other materials have helped us to engineer innovative tools that will increase the productivity of your equipment. In order for you to try it out on your own machine we offer special evaluation packages. Please call us at 1.877.801.3232 for more information.

We offer the following items:
  • Standard Rotor Knives for Shredders
  • Carbide Tipped Rotor Knives for Shredders
  • Adaptive Blade systems for Shredder with Replaceable Carbide Inserts
  • Rotor and Counter Knives for Granulators in a Traditional Version or with a Carbide Insert
  • Counter Knives for Shredders in Standard Quality or with Carbide Insert
  • Bolts and Screws
  • Knife Holders

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eFACTOR3 can provide you with a custom tailored waste to energy and recycling solution.

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