Westeria is a German Manufacturer of conveying and windsifting technology for the Waste to Energy and Recycling Industries. WESTERIA Bunker Systems have been developed for the storage of bulky materials such as RDF, MSW, C&D waste, etc. They are also used as fuel delivery systems for cement kilns or as dosing systems for other downstream processes.



Perfect down to the last detail – that’s the best way to describe the Westeria Moving Floor Bunker with its sophisticated modular principle.

The intelligent and cost-effective structured series of these bunker systems provides the greatest possible flexibility within the standard product range. The bunker system is designed so that the Moving Floor Bunker can be expanded or upgraded at any time. The prefabricated modules enable delivery times within 5 weeks.

The application areas of the Moving Floor Bunker bunker systems are also extremely flexible. From processing substitute fuels through compost up to building waste, everything is possible.


This latest bunker system innovation from Westeria® is now an even better fit for companies that require a bunker system that can meet their individual needs. With its sophisticated modular principle it satisfies the various different bunker system requirements which exist. The main highlight of the new MultiFeeder bunker system is its linear transfer of the feed material. As a result, this bunker system takes up incredibly little space and can be easily integrated into existing systems. The bunker system comes in 4 designs. Depending on the material to be processed, we can offer you the MultiFeeder bunker as a chain conveyor, slat conveyor, belt conveyor or with pusher plates. Across all bunker designs, you choose between a 1,200 mm, 1,600 mm or 2,000 mm operating width, with a maximum bunker length of 12 meters. Regardless of whether you wish to process light materials such as film/PET bottles, dry piece goods such as paper/cardboard packaging or sharp-edged or hot materials – you cannot go wrong with the MultiFeeder bunker system from Westeria®!