DON’T MISS US AT NPE – BOOTH S17089 AND WASTE EXPO – BOOTH 3474 from May 6th to 10th.

DON’T MISS US AT NPE – BOOTH S17089 AND WASTE EXPO – BOOTH 3474 from May 6th to 10th.

Plastic Recycling

MAS Announced as 2020 Winner of the Recycling Machinery Innovation Award

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At this year’s Plastic Recycling Show Europe (PRSE) Virtual conference held on December 9-11, the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe named MAS (Maschinen-und Anlagenbau Schulz GMBH) and Caroda BV Polymers the winners of the Recycling Machinery Innovation Award of the Year.

MAS an Important Part in PET-Recycling Investment Plans of Cumapol, CuRe & Coca-Cola European Partners

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Cumapol, a very good MAS customer, operating with MAS Extruders to recycle & compound PET Bottle flakes and MAS lab-Extruders for product and process development, founded together with a partner a new company called CuRe Technology B.V. Now, CuRe Technology B.V. just signed a contract with Coca Cola to push circular economy .

IR-CLEAN®: FDA Approval for KREYENBORG Infrared Rotary Drum

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If Post Consumer Recycling Materials are to be processed directly into PET Sheet, with a process authorized by FDA or by EFSA is an indispensable solution is required. With its IR-CLEAN® System, KREYENBORG now offers an attractive and low-cost alternative for Post-Consumer Materials and direct decontamination processing of PET – without any kind of vacuum technology.

ACTIVATED CARBON – Efficiently Drying of Extremely Wet Material

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Adsorbent, such as activated carbon, can only have its full effect in chemical and medical processes as well as air purification technique, if it is perfect dry. But that is exactly the difficulty. Since it is a sponge-like, open-pored product, it absorbs moisture not only on its surface, but also in the core. The IRD - Infrared Rotary Drum - of KREYENBORG is especially made for drying.

MAS USER REPORT: Producing the Highest Quality With the Right Technology

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In terms of the machine technology used, Kaskada relies predominantly on systems manufactured by Austrian manufacturers. Their different treatment concepts lead to different results. However, the highest quality in comparison comes from the MAS cascade extrusion line based on the co-rotating conical twin-screw extruder as the central component.

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