Located in Goerlitz, Germany, Pla.to is a manufacturer of precision engineered waste plastic cleaning machines. Combining an owner-operator approach with an experienced staff, Pla.to can deliver the right solution for you.

Pla.to has developed an innovative dry-cleaning technology for the removal of surface dirt and paper labels from recyclable plastic material. This system is proven to effectively replace or reduce wet washing in a variety of plastic recycling applications. The Pla.to waterless cleaning process features a high-speed rotating shaft mounted in a screen basket. This shaft, fitted with numerous angled paddles, spins at high speed generating centrifugal force and friction, liberating the plastic of contaminants. With paper labels the machine fiberizes the paper, breaking it down small enough to pass through the outside screen basket.

Proven Waterless Cleaning Applications

  • Post-consumer film and mixed plastics
  • Post-industrial film
  • PET and HDPE containers
  • PVB film residue from laminated glass recycling


MR37-50 MR75-80 MR90-90 MR132-130 MR200-140
Rated Power (kW) 25-37 45-75 75-90 110-132 200-250
Throughput post-consumer mixed plastics (kg/h) 100-200 300-500 600-900 1000-1200 1500-1800
Throughput PE/PP film thickness (kg/h) 80-120 200-400 500-700 800-1000 1200-1500
Throughput PET or HDPE flakes (kg/h) 500-600 700-1500 2000-2500 3000-4000 6000-7000


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