eFactor3 - Partner - ecostar

Since 1997 Ecostar has been synonymous with the most advanced technology in the mechanical separation of waste. With more than 20 years of research and development, Ecostar has developed custom solutions for every kind of material to be screened. Thanks to its patented technology Dynamic Disc Screening, today many types of waste can be efficiently recovered to supply clean fuels and energy sources, such as biomass and RDF(Refuse-Derived Fuel), or substances useful for agriculture and forestry, such as compost. The Ecostar technology revolutionizes the standards achieved in terms of consumption, production performance, footprint, amortization expectations, economic return, and emissions released during the process.

eFactor3 - Partner - ecostar

Superior screening solutions for a better world

eFactor3 - Partner - ecostar

Ecostar is a company founded on family values and in operation since 1997. Its reference market is that of machinery for the separation of waste and recyclable materials and their transformation into resources to create energy and minimize the human impact on the environment as much as possible.

Ecostar Products

Stationary Screening Equipment

Screening machines can work both independently and in line with shredders.

Mobile Screening Equipment

Highly efficient machine designed for those in need of operational flexibility.