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Kreyenborg has been a global partner and solutions provider to the plastic industry for more than 50 years. In addition to innovative turn-key solutions for bulk material handling, the core competence of Kreyenborg are in the fields of drying, crystallization, storage, mixing, conveying and dosing of plastics.

The Infrared Drying Technology offers the ability to dry and crystalize materials in minutes compared to hours with conventional drying equipment which reduces change over time significantly and reduces energy consumption drastically.


Kreyenborg Infrared Drying Technology - eFACTOR3

The KREYENBORG IR Dryers can heat, dry, and crystalize in one-step.

Kreyenborg IR-CLEAN® System - eFACTOR3

The heating of pellets and/or and regrind (PVC, PET, PE PP etc.) prior to extrusion helps to significantly increase the capacity of the downstream equipment.

When PET, PLA PEEK, PPS, PBT or other materials are processed with the Kreyenborg IR dryers the material can be crystalized in the same step. Even so the process has a short residency time compared to conventional dryers; the material can be dried from >1% moisture to less than 300 PPM within 15-20 minutes.

The IR Process also allows the coating of adhesives in the system (hot melt, EVA, and lime etc.)

Through this thermal process it is possible to also remove volatiles from the material that is dried. With the IR-CLEAN® system, KREYENBORG offers an attractive and cost-effective alternative for the direct reprocessing of PET post-consumer flakes for food packaging. This process has been awarded a LNO from FDA and is also EFSA compliant.

Kreyenborg Products

Infrared Drying

Continuous and discontinuous heating, crystallization, drying and coating of a wide variety of plastics and other bulk materials in minutes instead of hours.

Odor Reduction

With the IR-FRESH® system, KREYENBORG has developed a high-performance, innovative and cost-effective technology for the odor reduction in post-consumer plastics – without using vacuum, and as a retrofit solution for existing extrusion lines.