Westeria is a German Manufacturer of conveying and wind sifting technology that has been specifically designed for the Waste to Energy and Recycling Industry. The patented wind-sifting solution from Westeria – the technological leader allows the separation of the heavy fraction (contaminates) from the light fraction (High BTU Material) in one easy step.


Ingeniously simple and simply ingenious is the best way to describe the new Disc Spreader material distribution system from Westeria.

Although the construction may appear to be simple, at a closer look it impresses with industry leading technology. As is so often the case, the ingenuity lies in the details. Even during non-linear material feeding, the Westeria Disc Spreader ensures perfect, reliable material distribution of glass, wood, compost, scrap, residual sludge, commercial waste and domestic waste for all separation processes.

Whether NIR, eddy current or windsifting, the Westeria Disc Spreader is the perfect system for distributing the flow of material across a uniform width. With its exceedingly compact design, the Disc Spreader material distribution system has a small footprint with simultaneously huge efficiency.