efactor3 - Precision sorting thanks to the Westeria AirLift

PRESS RELEASE: Precision sorting thanks to the Westeria AirLift

For over a century, plastics have been used on a larger scale and are considered more valuable in recycling in comparison to metals, glass or paper. Due to plastic products’ non-biodegradable nature, they too often end up in a landfill or incineration plant which has ultimately led to a reevaluation by Indonesian Pan Era Group.
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Trials Live at KREYENBORG

As some customers are unable to travel at this time, KREYENBORG is organizing trials live from their plastic trial center and food trial center in Germany via Zoom/Skype/Microsoft Teams. Customers can meet with them online and participate in the trial directly from home or office.
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NEW METSO M&J 6000-9 Stationary Pre-Shredder

Available Immediately + 4-5 weeks of shipping. One of the largest shredders currently available in the world, the giant METSO M&J 6000 Pre-shredder can effectively and reliably shred virtually any type of material
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IR-CLEAN®: FDA Approval for KREYENBORG Infrared Rotary Drum

If Post Consumer Recycling Materials are to be processed directly into PET Sheet, with a process authorized by FDA or by EFSA is an indispensable solution is required. With its IR-CLEAN® System, KREYENBORG now offers an attractive and low-cost alternative for Post-Consumer Materials and direct decontamination processing of PET – without any kind of vacuum technology.
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MAS Retrofit Package Improves Degassing

BENEFITS: High-quality recycled resin. A cascade extrusion line provides more effective degassing for more homogeneous material density. The package can boost recycling line throughput by 40 to 50 percent and is especially effective at processing PE film flakes.
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