Metso is expanding its waste recycling product range with the launch of the new Metso M&J K-series pre-shredders. The first two models will be M&J K160 (pictured above) and M&J K210. The new competitive models provide a low cost-per-ton with high reliability, ease of operation and great flexibility for various waste types and with a design optimized especially for sites with a 5-45 tons per hour production requirement.

The new shredders come with the wide variety of proven knives developed by Metso to accommodate clients’ specific needs. With the open cutting table design, operators do not need to pre-sort the waste being loaded into the shredder; this translates to higher capacity with less manpower and fewer breakdowns.

M&J K-series – Improved capacity with a longer lifetime and lower cost

  • The unique bi-directional shredding system (both synchronous and asynchronous) with two shafts provides superior performance with all waste, resulting in unbeatable uptime
  • The proven knives geometry reduces the risk of wrapping on the shafts, resulting in less bridging and fewer cleaning stops to improve capacity
  • The modularity ensures that only relevant components need to be maintained, ensuring a longer lifetime with lower operating costs
  • The M&J K-series pre-shredders have a robust and proven construction and are easy to access, making maintenance fast and service costs low

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