After producing single shaft and twin shaft shredders for several years, Metso now introduces a new and improved line of single shaft shredders. Based on Metso’s long tradition of creating superior high-tech shredders, these machines can handle a wide range of different materials and applications, especially in RDF production.

The RDF Production Specialist

The M&J FineShred series consists of one-shaft shredders ideal for all recycling purposes. The shredder handles a wide range of different materials in bales, rolls, bricks or loose – and is highly suitable for RDF production, delivering a throughput of up to 17 tons per hour.

Excellent Shaft Technology

The multi-edged shaft is fitted with a patented knife system and is fed by a pusher. The sensitivity of the pusher ensures that the material is not forced onto the shaft and minimal heat is generated. The hydraulic drive of the shaft guarantees an impact resistant and resonance-free power transmission.

Easy Service and Low Downtime

Knives and knife holders are easy to fasten and change. The new design, which includes a service hatch, greatly improves access to the shaft and knives. The ease with which the Metso M&J FineShred series of shredders is maintained ensures minimal downtime and a headache-free process.