The TWISTER De-packager & Separator enables the separation of packaging from food or other organic materials.

The TWISTER has all required features for a de-packager built-in:

  • Ultra clean and dry packaging
  • Ultra clean organics
  • Bag opener
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Reliability
  • Low energy usage
  • Small footprint
eFACTOR3 - The TWISTER De-packager
eFACTOR3 - De-packager - How It Works

How It Works

The TWISTER separation process differs from conventional methods; it doesn’t rely on size reduction but utilizes a vortex effect. Similar to a twister or tornado, light materials ascend in a spiral movement during turbulence.

The TWISTER is the only de-packager that can handle large plastics and textiles, even small carpets without requiring a pre-shredder. The exclusive filtration screens yield a clean organic mixture without necessitating a second pass.

Upon entering the separation chamber, the packaging swiftly separates from the organics due to the vortex effect acting on lighter materials. Chains open the bags upon entry. The separation process is solely driven by wind force, not shredding. The packaging materials removed maintain a larger size and are instantly lifted by the twister movement, as opposed to being conveyed over a screen to a compacting zone. The organics freely drain from the bottom.

To prevent the accumulation of heavier organics at the chamber’s bottom, continuous chain action grinds and eliminates debris. This eliminates the need for end-of-shift cleaning or any maintenance stops during operation.

  • eFACTOR3 - De-packager - How It Works
  • eFACTOR3 - De-packager - How It Works
  • eFACTOR3 - De-packager Banner
  • eFACTOR3 - De-packager - How It Works

Types of Feed Material

  • Source Separated Organics (SSO)
  • Expired Supermarket Products
  • Canned Goods
  • Tetra Packs
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Light Fraction MSW
  • Bakery Waste
eFACTOR3 - De-packager - Types of Feed Material

California Food Waste

In Northern California, North State Rendering processes all sorts of industrial waste in their Twister. Drycake designed a custom in-pit design to fit the project needs.