Stationary Screening Equipment


Thanks to DDS (Dynamic Disc Screening) technology, Hexact is able to screen materials faster (1 m/sec), using less space, and reaching a productivity level of up to 200 t/h. Revenue from the sale of recycled materials can be increased thanks to the unique characteristics of this system. The top quality of its components and assembly procedures, exceeding market standards by far, guarantees maximum reliability and a reduction in maintenance costs.

The efficiency of DDS (Dynamic Disc Screening) technology allows the installation of low power 7.5 kW electric motors for every 4 linear meters of screen. Hexact is built with high quality materials and can be configured with different disc sizes to screen any type of material: car fluff, SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel), biomass, compost, construction and demolition debris, incinerator ash, municipal solid waste, organic waste, paper and cardboard, PET, aggregates, tires and recycled wood.

The length of the Hexact screen starts at 2 meters and can be supplemented with additional 2 or 3 meter modular sections. This system makes it possible to proportion the machine’s performance according to the needs and the available space.

  • eFactor3 - Stationary Screening Equipment - HEXACT
  • eFactor3 - Stationary Screening Equipment - HEXACT
  • eFactor3 - Stationary Screening Equipment - HEXACT
  • eFactor3 - Stationary Screening Equipment - HEXACT

Ecostar Technology

DDS: Dynamic Disc Screening

Unique in its kind, DDS is based on a series of shafts equipped with hexagonal or octagonal discs, with a flat profile, made of Hardox to guarantee maximum resistance. Thanks to this design, the material flows on the screen’s discs and is subjected to a jolting movement that separates the waste. The undersized material drops below the screening surface, passing through the gaps between the discs while the oversized material advances to the end of the screening plane. The result is a clean fraction, ready for recycling processing.

Anti Wrapping systems: The drive shaft is protected by highly resistant loose sleeves which are independent of the rotation of the shaft itself. This prevents long and stringy parts of the material being screened from getting wrapped around the shaft. This optimizes the separation and significantly reduces downtime.

HDDS: Hyper Dynamic Disc Screening

HDDS is the Ecostar technology for the separation of particularly difficult waste containing long and stringy materials, such as bags and plastic straps used for packaging, which can wrap around the shafts, or plastic bottles that can get stuck during the screening process.

Anti Wrapping & Anti Clogging

Thanks to its special flap, Hyper DDS technology is able to hook bags or stringy materials that could become wrapped around the screening shafts by pushing them forward and keeping them over the screening surface. Its jolting movement enables the optimization of the separation process of materials such as plastic bottles and cans, so as to obtain a superior quality of the screened fractions for their subsequent processing.

  • eFactor3 - Mobile Screening Equipment - Anti Wrapping & Anti Clogging

SWAT: Screening Width Adjustment Technology

SWAT discs consist of two semicircles with a double spiral which are mounted in series directly on the drive shaft between the hexagonal discs. Depending on the positioning of the SWAT discs, it is possible to configure different screening sections, ranging from 150 mm to 200 mm or from 200 mm to 100 mm, in just a few minutes. The installation can be carried out on site on operational DDS screens with screening sections starting at 100 mm and above.

The double spiral shape pushes large materials upward, separating the oversize from the undersize more efficiently. In addition, the risk of material wrapping around the shaft is minimized and the quality of the separation is increased.

Technology DDS HDDS SWAT
Specific to Materials Compost-wood-biomass-metals-tires-glass-car fluff-RDF-SRF-Constructions and Demolitions- Incinerator Ash- Aggregates Industrial Waste- Municipal Solid Waste- Organic Waste Multi-material- PET/ plastics- paper and cardboard
Compatible products Hextra – Hexact – Hexpert Hextra – Hexact – Hexpert Hextra – Hexact – Hexpert
Anti-clogging system yes yes yes
Anti-wrapping system basic hyper basic
On-site variable screening system +-30% +-30% Handbook (+-50%)
Separates wet materials yes yes yes
Flat profile discs yes yes yes
Discs material Hardox yes yes yes
Screening selections mm 10-350 10-350 100-200