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Waste-To-Energy Industries - eFACTOR3


The Waste-to-Energy Industry combines waste management and renewable energy production under one roof. Solutions that are provided by eFACTOR3 range from size reduction equipment to screening and separation technology, all the way to metal recovery from the waste stream and bottom ash.

These facilities help to divert non-recyclable waste streams from landfilling by turning them into renewable electricity and steam that can be used in industrial processes or district heating applications, contributing to sustainable waste management practices.

Alternative Fuel Industries - eFACTOR3

Alternative Fuel

The alternative fuel sector requires solutions that benefit both Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) producers and consumers. As a solution provider, eFACTOR3 furnishes the industry with essential equipment that helps to divert materials from being landfilled.

These fuels are generated from waste streams that are comprised of materials that cannot be recycled in a conventional way, therefore contributing to waste reduction, mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, and the advancement of a more sustainable and eco-conscious energy landscape.

Plastic Recycling Industries - eFACTOR3

Plastic Recycling

eFACTOR3 plays a crucial role in the plastic recycling sector by providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance our clients recycling capabilities. Our commitment to this industry is vital for reducing the environmental impact of plastics, diverting them from landfills, and transforming them into new products. This comprehensive approach ensures the responsible stewardship of plastic waste, championing the conservation of resources, and curbing environmental impacts!

Plastic Processing Industries - eFACTOR3

Plastic Processing

The plastic processing industry is constantly evolving, with advancements in materials, technology, and sustainability practices. We are determined to help drive those innovations, which play a significant role in supporting various sectors of the economy and supporting our clients as consumer demands for sustainable plastic products increase.

As an equipment and systems supplier, eFACTOR3 can offer an innovative and high-quality array of custom solutions for the processing and recycling of plastic.

Waste Processing and Recycling Industries - eFACTOR3

Waste Processing and Recycling

The waste processing and recycling industry collects over 292.4 million tons of trash every year in the United States, which equates to roughly 4.5 pounds per day per person. Depending on the location, this enormous amount of trash will be processed at transfer stations and end up in landfills, incineration plants or be further processed in MRF’s.

Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) play a crucial role in the sustainability efforts by diverting waste from landfills and reducing the need for new resource extraction. These facilities sort reusable commodities out of the waste stream that can be recycled. eFACTOR3’s premium range of waste processing equipment provides substantial support for this industry.

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