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Recycling and Plastic Processing Industry - eFACTOR3

The plastic processing industry plays a pivotal role in today’s modern society, providing essential materials and products that serve various sectors worldwide. Through a complex and sophisticated manufacturing process, raw plastic materials are transformed into a diverse array of items that we encounter daily, ranging from packaging materials and consumer goods to automotive components and medical devices.

​​The sustainability effort of the plastic processing industry is driving innovations for production of products that contain higher recycled content. Utilizing advanced techniques such as separation, re-compounding systems or co-rotating conical twin screw extruders combined with continuous melt filtration as well as infrared drying technologies help achieve the goal of a circular economy for the plastic processor.

eFACTOR3 not only meets the demands of mass production but also strives towards sustainable practices. With increasing emphasis on recycling and eco-friendly alternatives, e3 continuously seeks innovative solutions to reduce its environmental impact while ensuring the delivery of versatile and cost-effective products.

As an equipment and systems supplier, we can solve many applications regarding the processing of plastic. Our equipment includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Pre-Shredders for large rolls, bales, or boxes
  • Fine Shredders for many different needs

  • Infrared Dryers for many different applications including PET bottle recycling.

  • Extrusion for a large variety of Polymers
  • Direct Extrusion to Sheet or Profile
  • Undried Processing of PET or PLA


Sheet Production

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