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Water bottles, detergent bottles, milk jugs, and other bottles/containers touch our life every day. These recyclable materials are often sorted at MRF’s and baled there to be sold as commodities. Once at a downstream recycling facility, these bales of material must be broken up again to further separate, sort, grind, wash, and pelletize the material in order to produce recycled end products from the materials stream. These recycled materials will then either be used in nonfood grade applications or will be turned into FDA compliant food-contact packaging materials.

At eFACTOR3, we offer a wide range of solutions ranging from bale breaking (such as with the M&J pre-shredder) all the way to the finished pellet.

Types of Waste/Materials: PP, PA, PET, textiles, carpet

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Bale Breaking - Plastic Recycling/Plastic Processing by eFACTOR3

Bale breaking is an essential step in the recycling of post-consumer plastics, especially those collected from various sources in the form of large bales. These bales contain a mixture of different plastic materials and often include contaminants such as dirt, labels, and residues from the products they originally contained. The bale breaking process is designed to separate and prepare these materials for further processing and recycling.

M&J Pre-Shredders are an excellent option for mechanical bale breaking. We suggest opting for the M&J Pre-Shredder for bale breaking over manual labor due to its capacity to diminish physical strain and potential hazards, lower direct contact with contaminants, enhance consistency and precision and offer improved scalability in processing larger volumes of material.

Types of Waste/Materials: Baled PET bottles, film, HDPE bottles and other materials that need to be sorted and recycled

Breaking PET Bottle Bales

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