Composting Facilities - Waste Recycling by eFACTOR3

At eFACTOR3, we have noticed a consistent theme emerge through conversations with composting facilities: the significant challenge posed by elevated levels of material contamination.

Recognizing that contamination within compost carries profound implications, we understand its detrimental effects on the final compost product’s quality, market viability, and environmental footprint. Common contaminants, such as plastic, metal, and glass, not only compromise the quality of your compost but also pose risks during processing. These contaminants can damage existing equipment, slow down decomposition rates, and create safety hazards for your staff.

To tackle this issue, we believe it is crucial to implement effective waste segregation systems at the source, educating the public and encouraging proper disposal practices. Additionally, investing in advanced sorting technologies can help identify and remove contaminants, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient operation.

Our established solutions can help you tackle these challenges head-on and revolutionize your composting operation.

Types of Waste/Materials: Green waste, stumps, logs, food waste, biomass

Shredding of Green Waste

Compost (Spaleck Screen)

M&J Mobile Pre-Shredder

Ecostar Stationary Screens

Ecostar Mobile Screens

Westeria Mobile Windsifter AirBasic®