Material Recovery Facilities

Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) - Waste Recycling by eFACTOR3

Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs), are pivotal in the recycling process as they sort and extract recyclable commodities collected from households, businesses, and other origins. Still, MRF owners are presented with numerous challenges, including contamination, changing waste streams, technological obsolescence, equipment availability and reliability, health & safety concerns, spatial limitations, “wish recycling” and the volatility of commodity values.

If you’re seeking practical state-of-the-art equipment and integrated systems solutions for managing your MRF and promoting the benefits of a circular economy, look no further than eFACTOR3. We understand your challenges as many of our technical staff once walked in your shoes and we welcome the opportunity to meet and work with your team to validate the eFACTOR3 offering.

It is our belief that pre-shredding all inbound materials, as a first step, provides the benefit of creating a homogenous more manageable material stream of uniform particle size. Additionally, recyclables received bagged will be opened and exposed; thus, increasing the volume of commodities available for extraction. Undesirable contaminants released in the pre-shred step will be discarded as residuals in subsequent screening and air classification process steps yielding an amalgamated commodity stream with minimal contamination. Experience shows that removing contaminants early in our process yields higher quality commodities to be extracted via electromagnets, eddy currents, and a cascading array of AI centric optical sorters and the integration of robotics as a final QA/QC polishing step to maximize commodity recovery.

If you are seeking an integrated systems approach incorporating state-of-the-art equipment that presents maximum availability and reliability, minimizes human intervention and produces baled commodities with minimal contamination we welcome the opportunity to prove how you will benefit working with eFACTOR3.

Types of Waste/Materials: Single-stream or recyclables, C&D, bulky waste, paper and cardboard, e-waste, plastics, and more

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