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At eFACTOR3, we specialize in providing an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment to suit all your pre-shredding, screening, sifting, fine shredding, cleaning, drying, granulating, and extrusion needs. Our inventory is readily available for rentals and demonstrations, ensuring you can experience first-hand the superior performance and efficiency of our machinery.


100% IN-HOUSE – 12 to 72 MONTHS

MJ Recycling


The eFACTOR3 team has a fleet of M&J 4000 Mobile shredders allowing us to set up unstoppable industrial shredder rentals and demos.

The M&J 4000M is a large mobile shredder capable of effectively and reliably shredding virtually any type of material. This includes particularly challenging inputs such as MSW, C&D Waste, bulky waste, chemical waste, industrial waste, tree stumps, carpets, mattresses, railroad ties, appliances as well as baled PET bottles, or large paper rolls.


Available Now for Rentals & Demos

M&J’s Mobile Shredders are all supplied with a powerful and proven diesel-powered pack with selected quality hydraulic components. All units are based on patented technology and use hydraulic operation, open cutting tables and large, aggressive knives. Made for heavy-duty use!

  • M&J 4000M Mobile Pre-Shredders - eFACTOR3
  • M&J 4000M Mobile Pre-Shredders - eFACTOR3
  • M&J 4000M Mobile Pre-Shredders - eFACTOR3
  • M&J 4000M Mobile Pre-Shredders - eFACTOR3
  • M&J 4000M Mobile Pre-Shredders - eFACTOR3
  • M&J 4000M Mobile Pre-Shredders Unit - eFACTOR3
  • M&J 4000M Mobile Pre-Shredders System

M&J 4000M

The capacity of the 4000-M series ranges from 30–100 tons/hour depending on the type of input material and shredder configuration.

The 390 kW diesel-hydraulic power unit makes the M&J 4000M independent of any power supply. Because you can move it easily from one place to another, it makes an exceptionally versatile shredder solution that is ideal for multiple applications. The 4000M is the workhorse of the mobile shredders that M&J manufactures and it is offered in a trailed mounted version or as a track-mounted version for agility in landfills.


Leveraging M&J’s exclusive, patented shredding technology, eFACTOR3 harnesses the power of the industry’s most advanced practices. This machinery delivers not just superior outcomes, but a suite of user benefits that are simply unmatched.

M&J’s Exclusive Recycling 4000M Mobile Shredder Machine - eFACTOR3


Available Now for Rentals & Demos

Kreyenborg IR Batch Infrared Dryer
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The KREYENBORG IR dryers can heat, dry and crystalize in one-step:

The heating of pellets and/or regrind (PVC, PET, PE, PP, etc.) prior to extrusion helps to significantly increase the capacity of the downstream equipment.

When PET, PLA PEEK, PPS, PBT or other materials are processed with the KREYENBORG industrial infrared dryers the material can be crystalized in the same step. Even so the process has a short residency time compared to conventional dryers; the material can be dried from >1% moisture to less than 300 PPM within 15-20 minutes.

The IR process also allows the coating of adhesives in the system (hot melt, EVA and lime, etc.) Through this thermal process it is possible to also remove volatiles from the material that is dried.

KREYENBORG IR-Batch Infrared Dryer

Discontinuous heating, crystallization, drying and coating of batches of different plastics and other bulk materials in minutes instead of hours.

Ideal solution for thermal treatment of single batches.

The machine operates in batch mode which means that an entire batch of material is loaded at once into the system. Once the processing time has elapsed the batch is discharged from the drum by reverting the rotational direction.

Application examples:

  • Drying and crystallization of PET to 50 PPM
  • Drying and crystallization of PLA
  • Drying and heating of PE pellets to remove volatiles
  • Crystallization of masterbatch in small batches
EF3 Kreyenborg IR-Batch Infrared Dryer



Westeria - Moving Innovation

The AirBasic brings the advantages of Westeria’s proven windsifter technology to a small, mobile machine. Material can be fed in any direction (180 °). It has a patented adjustable nozzle system that works more efficiently than comparable products on the market.


  • Remove films and packaging from compost or household waste
  • Remediate waste directly in landfills
  • Separate C&D waste
  • Process PET bottles to separate light plastics and label papers
  • Separate slag to benefit from combustion residues
  • Recycle even the toughest scrap materials without damaging this robust machine
Mobile Windsifter Recycling Equipment - eFACTOR3

Product Destruction

We offer full product destruction services, which involves the secure and complete destruction of unwanted, expired, or defective products for various industries. Our destruction services are done securely, responsibly, and follow industry-specific compliance and regulations. Contact us now to discuss your requirements, and let us handle the secure and environmentally-safe disposal of your unwanted or unsalable products.


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