eFactor3 Partner Spaleck

Being a quality manufacturer of screening machines, Spaleck is uncompromising with regard to high-performance and reliability of your SPALECK screening machine.

Being mechanical engineers in the 5th generation, they know what counts most for specific industries. Which is why their innovations and screening solutions take you further in your recycling process. They have been forward thinking since 1869.

SPALECK Screening Machine - eFACTOR3

The proven screening solution for recyclable materials.

SPALECK Screening and Recycling Equipment - eFACTOR3

SPALECK offers you a unique possibility to customize your screening and recycling equipment.

Their ModularDESIGN+ principle provides you maximum performance, reliability and security of investment. Its adaptability to different recycling materials ensures an optimal recycling process, even when the basic conditions change.

Spaleck Products


Proven screening solutions: recyclable materials screens, vibrating separators, density separators and resonance conveyors.

Flip Flow Screens

2 system solutions in 1 machine for the screening of recycling materials.

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